Profit and Loss

The Profit and Loss account shows you how much money your business has made or lost. You can create reports for any period from a single day up to your whole financial year by setting the Start and End Date in the Chart of Accounts.

Note that you cannot create a Profit and Loss report for periods longer than your financial year or for periods that cross over year boundaries by un-ticking the Include Year Closing Transfers box.

To see your profit and loss for a complete financial year set the End Date in the Chart of Accounts to your financial year end date (leave the Start Date disabled or make sure it is set to the first day of the financial year you want the report for).

Accounting Software button print profit and loss Next, click on the Print Profit and Loss button in the Chart of Accounts toolbar, choose the Profit and Loss template, then click on the Design/Print tab at the bottom to view and print your report.